Crossfire is the third in a sequence of three fit outs for Sandfield Associates. Crossfire inhabit the middle level of “The Wedge” building at the Lot 3 development, on the Ponsonby Road ridge, across the lane from sister company IDEQA.

Design Concept

The Wedge is triangular in plan. Due to its small floor plate and acute apex, and the intrusion into the “wedge” of the egress stair and toilets core, it is difficult to establish any sense of calm geometry, and to avoid the impression of spatial constraint. Archimedia’s solution to this was to apply a bronze mirrored stainless steel sheet down the entire western wall, immediately doubling the perception of space and creating an axial symmetry that made sense of the reflected oblique walls. Continuing the client’s fascination with light, artist John Reynolds was commissioned to create an LED artwork that articulated the Crossfire identity. The existing structure was left exposed, with services visible but carefully disciplined, and the material palette was constrained to light oak linings and furniture, stainless steel, carpet and light.





Project Team

Lindsay Mackie
Dahlia Ghani
Liane Owens



Press & Awards

DINZ Spatial Offices & Workplace Environments Finalist 2020